Brexit as an Opportunity - all will be well!

The European Union: Its Development and Inner Constitution, its Power Agenda, its Crisis and our Opportunity for Change. weiterlesen

A Slight Edge as a Contract

31,026 votes made the difference. Alexander Van der Bellen is the next federal president. weiterlesen

The New Law: Only Thoughts Are Still Free

This week, parliament passes a dramatic constriction of the freedom of expression. However, since there is hardly a liberal-thinking person in this land, the deplorable hate speech paragraph and its most recent intensification are not even being discussed. Of all the deep thinkers in the Republic, apparently only the head of the auditor general’s office, Franz Fiedler, understands what this is about and dares to speak against it. Freedom of expression was already in trouble before this amendment to criminal law. And it is more than significant, to say nothing of ironic that this amendment is passed in the same week in which this parliament brutally shut off the once so loudly proclaimed introduction of direct democracy.


Islam: The Good News and the Bad News for Europe

The new book by the bestselling French author Michel Houellebecq is on everyone’s mind, because of the Paris attacks. It envisions a Muslim president of France in eight years, and the elimination of all “infidels” from the “Islamic University of the Sorbonne.” Actually, the demographic development makes that most likely a few years later. But, in fact, the triumph of Islam over what was once the West could take place in eight years. Indeed, the tendency of most leftist parties is to prefer voting for Muslim candidates than for those from anti-Islamic parties.


The Australian Terror and the Austrian Islam Act

This Tagebuch-comment was published in the worldwide read page "Gates of Vienna". It starts with an explanation and introduction.


Of birch trees, pedal scooters and eternal baptism

It‘s the relatively small things which illustrate much more clearly than the larger ones how politicians throw our money away.


Primary Schools remain untested and the delays in the Pisa test are causing a lot of problems

Apparently Education and Women Minister Heinisch-Hosek wants to cancel all of the school tests – and she blamed it on the flaw in security that made it impossible to go ahead.?


Lies, Damn Lies and the Green Party

Now here is something that really stinks to high heaven. The media in Austria has excelled itself, this time in acting as an instrument for brainwashing for the Red (Socialist) and Green powers that be. They stood up in line to report en masse that a pregnant left-wing demonstrator had lost her baby through the brutality of the police. As the entire pregnancy later transpired to have been an incredibly cheeky invention from the green side of the political spectrum, the media speedily change direction. But instead of apologising for such sloppy journalism, they have jumped onto the suggestion by the green party that actually in order to avoid mistakes like this in future police officers should have to wear numbers.


A picture is telling everything

If you look at this picture, you don't need any words.


Since when does a prosecutor have to be loyal?

The head of the prosecution service in Klagenfurt is dead a year-and-a-half after stepping down from the job. Yet not his death, but rather the comments afterwards by the Carinthian governor is worthy of note. He described the dead man as "loyal". And that certainly is reason for amazement, even from a governor who is noted for not thinking very much before speaking, as his remarks over the Hypo-banking affair clearly show.


Plachutta And The Right Of The Left To Abuse Freedom Of Opinion

To date Austrian trade unions have organised two demonstrations outside the Plachutta restaurant chain. It is certainly something that should be cause for concern.


ORF-Watch To Probe State Broadcaster

Nine Austrian journalists, including the author of this article which is one of many published on my Tagebuch (diary), have got together to create a new website


Better Prague Than Vienna

The Erste Bank is considering: Should they move their headquarters to Prague? This news has been leaked by the Czech president Zeman, a socialist, making it semi-official through his acknowledgement. Since then, however, the media here in Austria still doesn't seem to have the subject under its radar.


What are the unions doing to fight unemployment?

In Austria in March unemployment was at a new record high, and there were 402,323 people without a job, which is an increase of 36,046 on the previous year. In Germany in contrast, the number of unemployed people has gone down for the third month in a row.


The Way The GKK Are Destroying Jobs

For two years now something has been going on unnoticed by the general public and certainly not checked by the politicians. That something is the way the Krankenkassen (GKK) are slowly eradicating jobs, businesses and the value of Austria as a business location. That at least is the end result of their pursuit of people who voluntarily register to be employed under the freie Dienstnehmer contract as business entrepreneurs – who are now being forced by the GKK to become salaried employees.


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