Lies, Damn Lies and the Green Party

Now here is something that really stinks to high heaven. The media in Austria has excelled itself, this time in acting as an instrument for brainwashing for the Red (Socialist) and Green powers that be. They stood up in line to report en masse that a pregnant left-wing demonstrator had lost her baby through the brutality of the police. As the entire pregnancy later transpired to have been an incredibly cheeky invention from the green side of the political spectrum, the media speedily change direction. But instead of apologising for such sloppy journalism, they have jumped onto the suggestion by the green party that actually in order to avoid mistakes like this in future police officers should have to wear numbers.

All of the lies from the left-wing seem almost never to end up at the green party's door, even though the green party is firmly in place behind the demonstrations. In the media however it is never a subject for discussion about why for example a pregnant woman, and indeed according to the original claim a heavily pregnant woman which the police would have clearly seen, would have been allowed in the front line of the demonstration in the first place? It was never really a subject for debate over why green party-backed demonstrations end up in crimes being committed. It will be discussed how it came to be that 37 people linked in with the left-wing agitators were arrested and how this is a sign of excess from the green party backed demonstrations. It is a fact that none of these 37 would have been arrested if they had stuck to a normal demonstration, with the same pointless placards waved above their heads.

It certainly won't be discussed that the state broadcaster the ORF is one of the main backers of a massive fundraising campaign for the green party set up for after the EU election. Without doing even a second of journalistic research the follow up story is that those behind everything must have been right wing extremists.

The main thing to consider is that almost as soon as the pregnant woman story turned out to be of barefaced lie, in almost every corner the green party demand that the police officers wear placards was there to replace it. It was made of course to make it seem as if the police were to blame for the violence and the excess.

Anybody with any sense should not allow themselves to be fooled. In Austria there are one and a half parties (the SPÖ is at least only half-heartedly behind the violence) that seem to be in favour of a return to the right of the fist to decide on justice. The others seem to be refusing to make any comment. That means that with a view to Austria's past it means that the time that we once had between the wars with all its excesses is coming back again.

The left-wing vandals at the Hofburgball were quite clearly not an isolated incident.

But at the end of the day, also involved in the blame for this are those who voted the greens into power.

This English version of comment from the Tagebuch was translated by the British journalist Michael Leidig and his team at the Central European News agency. He can be contacted for corrections and improvements to the English here:

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